[New Artist #3] SirensCeol (EDM Guru Exclusive)

“SirensCeol aka Stephen Burke
Starting from the young age of 11, Stephen found his love for music whilst plucking at the grand piano in the living room at the house where he grew up in Danville, CA. He began taking lessons and only stayed for a year when he decided to learn a new instrument, the electric guitar. For 9 years now, Stephen has grown hungry for gigs and other ways to expose his talent and have his name heard. In 2011, he noticed a shift towards electronic music in the industry and wanted to give it a try. Now 20 years old, signed with two record labels, and with Official releases on all the most popular digital online stores, the incredible transition of Stephen has become the project known as SirensCeol (Sirens-Soul). Sirens being the greek mythology character in which drew ships in with their music, and Ceol being gaelic for music due to his northern European heritage. Today, Stephen (AKA SirensCeol) is on a path to fulfill his name..Let music be your drug, and let SirensCeol be your supplier.

Advanced guitarist, pianist, vocalist and producer.

Artist specialization in EDM, pop, and rock”

This guy is super talented I absolutely like all of his tracks!

  • SirensCeol – The Time of our Lives (Original Mix) (FREE DL)
  • SirensCeol – You and I (Original Mix Featuring Stephey)(FREE DL)
  • SirensCeol – The Way We Love (Original Mix Feat. Krystle Love B) (FREE DL)
  • Dada Life – Feed the Dada (SirensCeol Remix) (FREE DL)
  • Raise the Floor – SirensCeol Feat. Brianna Lempesis (FREE DL)

You can donwnload all their track for free at their facebook page!


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